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Lali Manila is Paula Liaño Moreno

I am a freelance illustrator from Spain who has been settled in Edinburgh for 5 years now.


My illustrations have evolved over time, but have always worked to maintain a certain style to them: my works are 2D digital black and white pieces that try to emulate my early drawings - those where done analogically, ink-on-paper. All pieces, both analog and digital can be found on this website, as I am confident I have managed to keep my style using both techniques.


I currently work with digital pieces as it saves time and allows me to provide my services in a time-efficient manner without loosing the essence of my art. I believe my artistic habilities, my background in filmmaking and communication, and my sensibility, allow me to create pieces that can tell a complex story using just a black and white palette.  

I hope you enjoy my work!


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